Cherry Fluzzie: Patchwork and soft-knit fun party dress.
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UK Size: Bust: 34-38 inch / 87-97 cms stretch - £65 GBP

Cherry Fluzzie:

Patchwork and soft-knit fun party dress.
Two similar dresses inspired by using two halves of a bright cerise pink acrylic wool scarf with stretchy structure. Longer version has toning cerise pink buttons and wider straps. Shorter version has black wooden buttons, thin straps and an additional patchwork hem frill. Black leggings with pink rose print and purple silk dress fabric were the inspirations to go with the tops. Other colours are included for the patchwork 'mix'. Skirt sections are attached to woolly top with stretch stitch by hand.


Deep cerise pink acrylic woolly top, stretch fit over bust, with 3 bright pink buttons and fabric shoulder straps. Flared skirt section of patchwork fabrics: purple silk, cerise/grey silk, black/pink floral print polyester, purple/black print polyester and dark red lace over silk.
Note: photos show woolly top light in sunlight: it is actually deep cherry cerise.

SIZES: Bust Size 34-38 inch / 87/97 cms stretch.
Length shoulder to hem 38 inches / 97 cms